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MN Colon & Rectal Foundation

The Minnesota Colon and Rectal Foundation Mission:

Established in 1991, the Minnesota Colon and Rectal Foundation's mission is unchanged:

"Promoting public awareness of colon and rectal cancer through outreach and education, enhancing patient quality of life through research and specialized physician training, and supporting survivors through connection and compassion."

The foundation is proud of its financial and educational support of the world renowned University of Minnesota Colon and Rectal Surgery Residency Program. Since its inception over 200 surgeions have completed an intensive, one-year residency and many have taken prominent roles in education and research in the field of colon and rectal surgery. The foundation provides its support through hands on surgical training, weekly specialized education conferences, participation and collaboration in numberous research studies, and local, national, and worldwide partnerships.

Each year millions of people suffer through colorectal disorders including approximately 135,000 new diagnoses of colon or rectal cancer. Through research, education, and training we can provide life saving and life altering care for those affected by these conditions.

Contact the Minnesota Colon and Rectal Foundation:

3433 Broadway Street NE, Suite 115
Minneapolis, MN  55413

Phone: (651) 312 - 1556
Fax: (651) 312 - 1591