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CRSAL Mentioned in Latest FPA eUpdate Newsletter

June 12, 2013

FPA practices receive grants to exchange patient data

Barbara Klick, FPA COO

Eleven Fairview Physician Associates (FPA) independent practices received notification in April from the Minnesota Department of Health that they were awarded grant money to support electronic health information exchange. The awards total $283,415 for the practices.

Congratulations to: Midwest Spine; Medical Advanced Pain Specialists (MAPS); Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists; Diamond Women's Center; Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility; Associates in Women's Health; Edina Sports Health & Wellness; Endocrinology Clinic of Minneapolis; France Avenue Family Physicians; Colon and Rectal Surgery Associates and Southdale Ob/Gyn.

The Minnesota Department of Health offered grants totaling $2.6 million to fund community-based efforts to exchange patient health information among health care providers. This effort aims to connect providers through a Health Information Exchange (HIE) to share continuity of care documents among providers to improve community health. Our state HIE plans to increase functionality of the exchange in the months ahead.

Registry designed to support accurate, efficient patient care
Practices will connect to the Minnesota certified HIE over the next few months, with completion set for Sept. 30, 2013. The HIE provides a registry that allows authorized users to look up patients by name and date of birth. The provider can determine the date and location of a past visit for those practices connected to the HIE. Providers may access health information for an individual patient listed in the HIE.

The continuity of care documents (CCD) include such information as current conditions, medications and treatment recommendations. Providers may use this information to inform medical decision-making and to reduce duplication. The registry protects patient privacy through secured access and the ability of patients to opt out of the HIE. Participating practices’ electronic health records remain behind a firewall, sharing only a registry file and CCD through the exchange.

FPA offers resources

FPA staff will reach out to all member award recipients to assist them in creating processes to incorporate access to the Minnesota HIE data exchange as part of a patient encounter.

FPA engaged Barbara Daiker, PhD, to partner with interested independent FPA clinics to plan and write the grant applications. As interest in connectivity continues in the local health care market, the state may make additional grant money available in 2013. We are also keeping an eye towards the national HIE. 

Please contact me at, 952-914-1832, if you would like to receive notification of future grants.

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