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Words from our employees

“I am very happy in my current position and I feel challenged every day. I enjoy coming to work and am proud to be a part of CRSAL”.   

Business office employee since 2006

"It is still an honor and a privilege to work for CRSAL.  The physicians are committed to providing the best care to their patients and that promotes a good attitude for all."

- Clinic employee since 2005.

"I am grateful for concerned, helpful and understanding management”.

 - Business office employee since 1997

“25 years here! I still enjoy the challenges and really enjoy the people I work with. This is truly a unique group of physicians and staff.”

 - Clinic employee since 1984.

“I enjoy working at CRSAL. In a short time I feel I have expanded my knowledge so much. I have been given many challenges and I truly appreciate that."

Health information employee since 2008.

“There have been many changes occurring in our department and throughout the organization. Although at times it can be challenging, frustrating, and frightening, it is also exciting to realize the possibilities that await!”

- Health information employee since 2000.

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