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Interstim Therapy

Interstim Therapy for Bowel Control (Sacral Nerve Stimulator or SNS)

Interstim Therapy may be a treatment option for you if you suffer from accidental bowel leakage (ABL) and have not had success with, or are not a candidate for more conservative treatment options.

Interstim Therapy is a proven FDA approved therapy that targets the communication problem between the brain and the nerves that control bowel function. If the nerves are not communicating properly, bowel muscles may not function properly, therefore causing bowel control problems.

If you are a candidate for this treatment, there is a trial assessment process that you will go through to test the therapy before making a long term commitment. The process includes your surgeon implanting a flexible wire(lead) near your tailbone. The wire is taped to your skin and is connected to a small external device which you will wear on your waistband.

This device sends mild electrical pulses through the wire to the nerves near your tailbone which may get your bowel working the way it is supposed to. During this trial period you will be asked to document your bowel activity with a daily diary. This information will allow your surgeon to determine the next course of action in your treatment plan.

If it is deemed that you are a candidate for long term interstim therapy, your surgeon will recommend implanting an internal device that is done in an outpatient setting. At the time of recomendation, your surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits that are associated with your personal case.

If you would like more information regarding Interstim Therapy for Accidental Bwoel Leakage (ABL) or other bowel control therapies, please contact Kathy Rodvold, Pelvic Floor Care Coordinator at 651-225-7846.

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